Tutorial 1 - Using KXML Editor as Quanta Plusexternal link plugin

Setup Quanta plugin

Choose Settings -> Configure Plugins menu item in Quanta and press Add button in Plugins group box. Fill dialog:

Setting Quanta

Check, if new plugin is in list and close dialog.

Open XML file

Open any XML file in Quanta.

Quanta Plus with opened XML document

Run KXML Editor as plugin

Choose Plugins -> KXML Editor menu item in Quanta. Now, you may browse and edit XML document using this plugin.

KXML Editor as plugin

Edit XML file

Make any change to XML file in KXML Editor. Save it.

Editign XML document

Close KXML Editor plugin

Choose Plugins -> KXML Editor menu item in Quanta to close KXML Editor. Now, Quanta show dialog, that inform you about changed file.

Closing KXML Editor plugin

Check changed document

See, that you have changed XML document by KXML Editor.

Check changes

Warning: before playing with real files, make backup copy !

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